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How Does It Work?We aggregate and analyze vast datasets to provide you with the most accurate insights.

1. AggregateRaw data is collected from various sources

2. AnalyzeOver 5B events per day are cleaned & categorized

3. ProcessThe data is processed by machine learning algorithms

4. PropagatePush out to APIs & DBs

Test Drive our Website Category APIJust pass a website URL or IP address and you'll get the JSON response with categories.

What kind of companies use us?

Network & CybersecurityReal-time threat intel & domain data delivered via API or feed

Network and Cybersecurity companies around the globe take advantage of Webshrinker’s APIs and data feeds to bring industry-leading threat intel and domain categorizations. Typical uses for Webshrinker include using our Domains API in order to dig deeper into network traffic or using our domain categorization API in order to categorize user access logs. Webshrinker incorporates over 66 data feeds to augment the engine. Read more about how Webshrinker’s scanner processes domains.

                                    Domain & Threat Intel

Threats Feed/API

Real-time data on known malicious domains, such as botnet, phishing, and deceptive domains.

Category Feed/API

Accurate domain categorization data split into dozens of descriptive categories – perfect for filtering applications.

Domains API

Use our Domains API to investigate domains and potential threats, with data on subdomains, backlinks, historical IPs and more.

Product Integrations & OEMAdd domain categorization & threat data to your product with ease

If you operate a product or service, it’s easy to integrate Webshrinker APIs or feeds to enhance your offering. In no time, you can be up and running with our offline category feed capable of supporting large-scale applications requiring instant response. Or, use one of our APIs to leverage our Artificial Intelligence, ensuring that your data remains updated real time.

                                  Made To Work With Others

Developer Friendly Responses

Every API response is returned as JSON, which can be easily read and implemented into any product or application.

Customize With Ease

Our live sandbox and powerful query builder can help you create the perfect API call to fit your product or application needs.

Data Firehose

Need access to the raw data stream of everything as it’s being categorized? We provide a real-time data firehose via HTTP, Amazon S3, or Amazon SQS.

Advertisers & Ad TechIAB Category & Domain APIs for Advertising Insights

For Advertisers, Webshrinker offers domain data categorized to the IAB taxonomy. Through our API, you can process large sets of data – allowing you to identify patterns between IPs and backlinking information or to categorize your data set. Advertisers often find this information useful in order to enhance customer demographics and better understand their behavior.

                                           Know Your Target

IAB Categorization

Accurately identify the main topics of content with more than 390 top and sub-level categories which can be used for services such as targeted advertising.

IAB Taxonomy

The IAB contextual taxonomy is maintained by the Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG) and is a set of industry-standard categories. They include 26 Tier-1 (top-level) and over 300 Tier-2 (sub) categories for use by vendors.

Over 390 Marketing Categories

In addition to supporting the IAB taxonomy, our API enriches it even further with additional categories (Tier-3) for content specific to: Gambling, Weapons, Social Networks, Proxies/VPNs/Web Filter Avoidance, and Streaming Media.

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