New Webshrinker Categories: Hate, Government, and Trackers

We curate our sets of categories very carefully, and only update them after thorough consideration. In this most recent update, we’ve focused on adding categorization that has been previously requested while synchronising the IAB and in-house Webshrinker more tightly. At the same time, we’ve added the new category “trackers” to cover an emerging area of importance for many end users.

New Webshrinker Categories

We have three new Webshrinker categories that users of both the Webshrinker API and offline database can start taking advantage of immediately:

  • Hate: Sites that are primarily focused on promoting terrorism or hate.
  • Government: Sites that use official government top-level domain names or are run by government entities such as the military, army, or air force.
  • Trackers: Sites or businesses that use various techniques to track user behavior across the internet.

We’re excited about the addition of these categories as they will enable our users to categorize sites more accurately.

We’ve also reclassified over 670,000 government domains by building a list of official, government Top Level Domain names. Any official domains with this new government tag will be automatically categorized as “government”.

See all the Webshrinker categories here.

New IAB Category

While “hate” and “government” categories already exist within the IAB classification, we’ve expanded our augmented IAB taxonomy to add IAB25-WS3, “Trackers”. This means that even users who rely on the IAB categories can now categorize and identify these tracking websites.