The Webshrinker Story

Webshrinker is a subsidiary product of DNSFilter. Founded in 2014, Webshrinker originally started off as a Kickstarter project for a categorization API. It then became clear there was a growing need for domain categorization – thus came the birth of our Domain Categorization API.


Soon after releasing the new Domain Categorization API in 2016, DNSFilter became a customer of Webshrinker – utilizing it as the categorizer for it’s DNS-based content filtering and threat protection product. As time progressed and the potential to leverage A.I. technology on large amounts of data became clear, DNSFilter realized there was huge potential. Shortly thereafter, in early 2018, DNSFilter acquired Webshrinker and the rest is history.


Today, we are one team under the DNSFilter brand and are working together to create the most advanced and up to date domain data and intelligence platform in the industry.

The Team Behind WebshrinkerFrom data scientists to white hat hackers - we're a team built to execute.

Ken Carnesi

CEOA serial entrepreneur with 15 years of technical experience, Ken comes from an extensive background in internet technology and finance.

Mike Schroll

CTOMike comes from a background of 20 years in hosting and information security, where he was paid to professionally break-in to Fortune 100 companies!

Brian Gillis

CIOBrian is a genius engineer, focusing on backend and database technologies - he also has a long history in the startup scene!

Adam Spotton

Head of Data ScienceAdam is the mad scientist and the original creator behind Webshrinker, with a deep-rooted passion for machine learning.